Hosting and Maintenance

Productson January 9th, 2011No Comments

We are pleased to offer an array of hosting and maintenance packages that take the guess work out of keeping your website alive and up to date. ┬áIf your business doesn’t have an IT department or you don’t want to train your staff to use a new CMS for posting your latest news and blog articles, just choose from one of our Hosting packages.

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ADAM Energy Forum

Website Designon January 8th, 2011No Comments

The goal of any membership-based website should be clear communication and ease of use to maximize the conversion of eyeballs on the page to profits. With this in mind, The ADAM Energy Forum project began with a discussion about 3 separate online needs:

  • Provide public information about the organization to would-be members
  • Provide private information to existing members in a secure members-only area
  • Provide online payment processing to allow new applicants to pay their application dues and existing members to pay for members-only activities

It was an easy decision to leverage the power of WordPress as a Content Management System to do the heavy lifting of allowing the The ADAM Energy Forum’s administrator to easily upload private members-only content such as industry biographies, speaker presentation files, etc. Payment processing is handled via PayPal, allowing new applicants to submit payment and existing members to register and pay for upcoming organization events.

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  • Custom WordPress 3 theme and framework development
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • PayPal Payment Gateway integration